Dan Cox

MAGA Conservative, Wrong for Maryland

From restricting abortion access to opposing gun restrictions, Dan Cox’s conservative agenda is too dangerous for Maryland.

Dan Cox is a Trump-endorsed, MAGA conservative who’s pushing to lead Maryland in the wrong direction. He is a 100% pro-life politician who would roll back abortion access across the state.

Cox refuses to support federal restrictions on gun sales, and supports bringing “constitutional carry” to Maryland and putting armed guards in schools.

Cox led efforts in the state legislature to pass restrictive voter ID laws and make it harder to vote in Maryland. He worked to overturn the election for Trump by helping “look for unsubstantiated cases of fraud” and pushed lies about election integrity. Cox even organized buses to go to Washington on the day of the Capitol insurrection.

Dan Cox is an extreme conservative who stands with Trump, not Maryland. He’s not right for us.

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